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Justification Comes BEFORE Sanctification, NEVER after

Posted by Stuart McCray on

Here is a helpful quote from an unknown author on the danger of getting Justification and Sanctification out of order. Theologically speaking, Justification (being declared righteous by God - by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone) comes before Sanctification (the process of being...

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Tags: grace, justification, sanctification, joshua harris

The Good News in Tough Truth

Posted by Ryan Yoho on

Over the past few weeks, our pastors have been preaching through the end of Romans 1 and beginning of Romans 2. These are tough passages – not because they are especially difficult to understand, but because they are difficult to hear. Paul is landing major blows on behalf of the truth and...

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Tags: romans, salvation, sin, the gospel

Self-pity is Sin

Posted by Stuart McCray on

Sin is Sin Several years ago I read a book by Jerry Bridges entitled, Respectable Sins. In it Bridges says, On the whole, we appear to be more concerned about the sins of society than we are the sins of the saints. In fact, we often indulge in what i call the "respectable" or even...

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Tags: jerry bridges, john piper, kevin deyoung, pride, self-pity, sin

Is Our Baby in Heaven?

Posted by Stuart McCray on

This past Sunday, when preaching from Romans 1:18-25, Pastor Dan mentioned an "age of accountability". This topic has far-reaching implications for those who have experience miscarriages (Lauren and I have had three), to those that have had toddlers die and to those who have children who are...

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Tags: age of accountability, babies, god's goodness, god's sovereignty, infants, salvation