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We Preach Expositionally

Posted by Stuart McCray on

At Grace Bible Church, we primarily preach through whole books of the Bible on Sunday mornings. The reason for this is that is how God had them written down. Our goal in interpreting Scripture is to first seek to understand what the author was communicating to his original readers. Doing that requires us to understand the whole book and how each paragraph fits in the whole of the book. It also requires us to understand how a particular book fits into the whole of the Bible and its story of redemption. Only after we understand these things, can we then think about how the Scripture applies to our lives.

When we apply this way of interpreting Scripture to preach, it's called Expository Preaching. So what is an expository message? It's a message that gets its main idea and all its points directly from the text. So, why preach expositionally? We preach expositionally because at the end of the day, the elders of GBC wants our people to hear from God and not from us! The whole goal in preaching is to re-speak what God has already spoken, in His Word.

If you're interested in hearing our sermons or catching up on a sermon that you've missed, check out our Sermons page.

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