At the Congregational Meeting on Sunday, September 12, the Elder Team put forward three items (see below), each requiring a 30-day review process (9/12 - 10/11). This time allows us to hear from the covenant membership, so that we can receive the wisdom from the body regarding these matters before we come to a final decision.

3 Items

  1. Confession of Faith Amendments
  2. Associate Pastor Recommendation
  3. Deacon Candidates


  • Click the button below for a PDF containing all three items, with background material.
  • Feel free to use the form below to submit input to the elders regarding these matters.

Your Brothers in Christ,

The Elder Team of GBC

Alternately Formatted Version of the Proposed Confession of Faith Amendments

Member Input


Which proposal(s) are you providing wisdom on?

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Per the GBC Constitution, "Anonymous input will not be considered."