The history of Grace Bible Church is a testimony of God's grace!

Grace Bible Church began in 1980 as an independent Baptist church in the old Mount Vernon high school. Soon afterwards, the congregation purchased a five-acre tract of wooded marshland in Lorton. They cleared the land and laid the foundation for construction of the metal warehouse type building which became First Baptist Church of Lorton. Slowly, over the next decade, the church grew, and also completed the construction and interior finishing of the church building. In 1996, the construction and development efforts of Lorton Station began, which transformed the immediate neighborhood from relatively rural to the dense suburban town center of today. Around the same time, the church began a leadership study of the book of Acts that helped refine their understanding of what a church is based on. That study resulted in the church moving toward a leadership that consisted of a plurality of elders, the emphasis of small groups, and changing the name to "Grace Bible Church" (GBC). In 2004, GBC started the construction of a brick addition to the original aluminum frame building, helping to make the facility become aesthetically oriented toward the surrounding community and town center.

By 2006, GBC had a small congregation  of faithful people, whom God persevered through the years of various changes in and out of the church, who were growing in the faith and serving Christ, but the church had not grown along with the population of Lorton Station – GBC was small and needed a broader base to minister and impact the expanding community. God demonstrated his creative generosity by leading Immanuel Bible Church in Springfield, VA to partner with GBC, injecting additional vitality and resources into the church. Since that time God has been steadily growing our congregation, bringing many more people who love Christ.

The Lord continues to bless our local church in the Lorton area, as we serve and engage this diverse and dynamic community, and we look forward to how He will continue to work in and through Grace Bible Church, for His glory and His people.