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Manhood isn't automatic, God's help is required.

Our Men's Ministry comes alongside our Home Groups to provide specific teaching, training, and encouragement for men to fulfill the unique calling and role God has given them in His kingdom: to serve and lead. Ultimately, we want to teach sound doctrine flowing out of a growing understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ with unique application for men.

Whether we think about this or not, the truth is that we live life, make all of our decisions, and react to circumstances we encounter based on what we really believe to be true. In a very real sense, everyone is a theologian. As Christian men who are responsible for our lives, marriages, parenting, and providing for our families through our work, what we don't know will hurt us.

We believe that as a result of God saving us and making us new, we—Christian men—are given new desires to both live lives in a manner worthy of God and to want to actually see progress in becoming more like Jesus. At the end of the day, we're all in this together. We're just a group of ordinary guys in need of more grace. Come join us!


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