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The Gospel

The gospel is good news!

The gospel is not what God requires. The gospel is what God provides! The gospel is not a command, demanding things you must do. The gospel is a statement of fact, declaring things that God has done. The gospel is not about man's effort. The gospel is about divine achievement. The gospel is not a moralistic "do!" The gospel is a gracious and merciful "done!"

The gospel is the amazing news of what Jesus accomplished in his life, death, and resurrection to satisfy God’s wrath against sin and to secure the forgiveness of sins and perfect righteousness for all who trust in him by grace through faith alone.

News demands a response. In fact not responding to news such as this is still a response in the negative. Exploring the gospel is the most important venture we could ever undertake. Want to know more?

To assist you in your consideration of this news of the gospel, we encourage you to check out either one or both of the presentations below. Also, if you would like to discuss the gospel further, please fill out the Contact Form, as we are excited to discuss this further with you!